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Experience a Senior Living Community
That is Vibrant and Caring and
Where Residents Feel Like Family

Photos from Our Grand Opening in 2018

Locally Owned, Not Corporately Controlled

Unlike many other communities, Aravilla Sarasota is privately owned, not part of a large, impersonal corporation. That means our quality of care is personal and we follow our own evidence-based protocols that meet the needs of the people who live here. We’re also able to deliver a higher level of care because we get to personally know each resident. We have a tenured management team onsite, and our staff is trained and held to a higher standard.

Ours is a culture of listening and we have an unrelenting commitment to residents’ happiness, health and well-being. We foster relationships and encourage close involvement and communication with family members and loved ones.

Families can stay abreast of all our goings-on even if they aren’t nearby. We send out a monthly newsletter to families with an up-to-date social calendar. You can stay informed on the activities at Aravilla Sarasota and find opportunities for your own participation, if possible. We actively encourage families to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones at Aravilla Sarasota.

Come experience the difference at Aravilla Sarasota Assisted Living and  Aravilla Sarasota Memory Care and schedule a personal tour of our community! We look forward to meeting you soon.