Music is the Medicine of the Mind!

Simply put: Music is powerful “medicine.” It holds the power to reduce stress, improve symptoms of depression, and enhance productivity, among others—and, ultimately, improve a person’s quality of life. … For seniors who have age-related memory issues—or even dementia—music has the power to actually bring back memories.

Assisted Living events at Aravilla Sarasota - Live Music

Paul, Myrtle & James visit during one of our daily Happy Hours

Sun, Sea and Snacks!

Be sure to join us soon for a trip to local restaurants, stores & take time to appreciate all that Sarasota has to offer. Last month, we visited O’Leary’s Tiki Bar for lunch with live music right on the water on beautiful Siesta Bay.

Assisted Living Outing Aravilla Sarasota - Tiki Bar Visit

Stella, Phyllis, Ross, Jeannette, Phillip & Annie enjoy the great outdoors at the Tiki Bar

Our Residents give a ‘Hoot’!

Every week at Aravilla Assisted Living we take outings to local eateries. Last week, we visited Hooters for their world-famous chicken wings. We love getting out together, checking out the scenery & having our meals in a fun atmosphere.

Assisted Living Excursion to Hooters - Aravilla Sarasota resident outings

Annie, Zach, Phyllis, Fran & Myles enjoyed the outing to Hooters last month.

Young at Heart!

Activity helps you look and feel younger and healthier. Did you know that it is scientifically proven, that an active lifestyle helps keep one looking younger and feeling stronger and healthier longer. By moving the body for 20-30 minutes each day – walking, dancing, swim-ming, weight-lifting, golfing, or participating in yoga, water aerobics, or pilates – one’s metab-olism is stimulated and mood is elevated. Active engagement in creative physical activities is good for the overall health of the body, mind and soul.

assisted living activities - Joann likes to stay fit

Joann likes to stay fit

assisted living activities for seniors - Annie is studying watercolors

Annie is studying watercolors

assisted living activities - Myrtle loves playing Bingo

Myrtle loves playing Bingo

September Big Events!

Monthly Excursions
Sunday Church Service
Dollar Tree
Perkins Restaurant
Sonny’s BBQ
Bob Evans
Parrot Restaurant

Make a Wish
Wild West Party
Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 2pm
All Donations go towards

Resident Council
Tues., August 9, 2022
Sunshine Club
Tues., August 16, 2022
Film Committee
Tues. August 23, 2022

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